It’s a great time to consider installing or upgrading security cameras for your “Essential Business” during this COVID-19 season.

Security Cameras in Essential Businesses

The coronavirus is affecting business around Texas and the nation. Some businesses are forced to close temporarily if they are not considered an “essential business.

Essential businesses may vary from state to state but generally include those who offer food, shipping or medical supplies and attention.

Many of our clients at San Antonio Camera Installation company are Essential Businesses like pharmacies, banks, nursing homes, and freight companies. They continue to need close monitoring of their facilities, and they remain busy and active.

Essential Business are critical to the infrastructure of our society in the midst of a crisis. Without security about food, medicine and shipping, we would move into a panic state as a society. It’s important that we keep them monitored from employee theft, vandalism, and any other suspicious activity.

Security Camera Installation in San Antonio

Fortunately, our business can also still thrive as our installers work independently and do not need to interact within close distance of others. Social distancing is a natural characteristic of our process.

If your cameras are not offering high quality resolution viewing, seem to be pointing in the wrong direction or do not offer as great a range as you’d like, it’s time to upgrade. If you are not sure you’d be able to download footage from your older cameras, now is the best time to consider an upgrade for your security systems.

You can call us for a quote over the phone. We will ask you about your property and can even videoconference with Facetime or Google to see your area. We order the equipment, schedule a time to install the upgraded security cameras, and then perform the professional installation. We can meet again for a separate virtual meeting to go over how to use the new equipment effectively.

Call today at 210-201-2754 if you are an Essential Business still in operations and looking to upgrade your Security Camera or IT Systems.

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