Do you have security cameras in your pharmacy? If not, you may want to reconsider.

While it may initially seem like an extra cost, there are a lot of reasons why no pharmacy should be without cameras. Not only do they come with a lot of benefits, but the consequences of not having one may be detrimental to your pharmacy.

Remember, it’s better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.

Read on for why a store security camera is a must for any pharmacy.

1. A Store Security Camera Deters Theft

Pharmacy stores carry a lot of controlled substances. For that reason, they are often targeted by burglars and other criminals. However, a store security camera goes a long way toward deterring criminal activity.

Cameras mean one thing to criminals – risk. People who steal things do so because it’s easier than getting it the old fashioned way. However, there’s nothing easy about being caught, tried, and sent to prison.

The simple presence of a camera is often enough to make criminals think twice.

2. Deter Employee Misconduct

Another great benefit of a pharmacy store security camera is keeping employees honest.

Most pharmaceutical employees, by nature, are honest folks. However, drug addictions can be quite overpowering, causing honest people to do dishonest things.

Aside from addictions, some people are opportunists. An employee may see the opportunity to make some extra money selling stole pharmaceuticals. However, a security camera in your store will deter most employ misconduct.

3. Help Find Missing Pharmaceuticals with a Store Security Camera

If for any reason controlled substances go missing during the course of a workweek, a store security camera may help provide answers.

Whether it was theft or an honest mistake, it’s best to know what happened when pharmaceuticals go missing! New, high-quality security footage is a must to see the fine details.

4. Keep Prices Low

In places like Walmart, you’ll often see signs about keeping costs down by preventing theft. You see, theft drives prices up because store owners are forced to make up for losses.

Installing a store security camera prevents theft, keeping your prices low and your company competitive.

5. Improve Productivity

While some may see it as manipulation, installing a store security camera to keep an eye on everything, including employees isn’t a bad idea.

Not only will it deter any employee misconduct, but it will also motivate employees to work harder. This isn’t a trick, it is just what happens when people know they’re on camera.

6. A Store Security Camera Provides Peace of Mind

Most security systems allow you to view your cameras remotely. That means from the comfort of your home or in a hotel on the coast of Bali, you can keep a watchful eye on your store.

Our accounts are incredibly easy to use and you can log into all of your cameras from one account. That means if you have multiple locations, you don’t need multiple accounts and passwords!

7. Record Evidence

Finally, installing a store security camera will provide you the evidence you and the police need in the case of a robbery. For both internal and external burglaries, a well-placed camera will give you all the evidence needed.

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