Network Installation Services – Before and After

Network Installation Services – Before and After


Our network installation services help businesses organize their devices and connect their smart devices, networks, and cabled devices. These are just a couple before and after pictures that show how we help businesses completely reimagine their connections with structured cabling, which allows us to install, configure and connect routers and switches in an efficiently organized unit, to maximize efficiency and minimize headaches.



We help to install a variety of different equipment, including wireless access points, routers, switches, and structured cabling. Only using a list of our trusted brands, we can guarantee high quality equipment for every installation. Whether you’re setting up an office or a new business, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free quote, or give us a call at 210-201-2754 to get started.


4 Benefits of Security Camera Installation for Gyms and Fitness Studios

4 Benefits of Security Camera Installation for Gyms and Fitness Studios

How safe is your gym fitness center?

Many fitness center owners aren’t as interested in safety as they should be. Sure, they make sure that their classes and equipment are safe, but what about their actual gyms or studios?

Security cameras are a big help. Do you already have them?

If you don’t think that you need security cameras for gyms because you don’t keep a lot of money there, you’d be wrong. There’s always the potential for crime. Locker room crime specifically isn’t uncommon.

We’re here to tell you about the benefits of security camera installation for gyms. Protect your business and your clients. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Gym Patrons Feel Safe

When you go to the gym, what’s the first thing that you do? You put your things in the locker room, right?

In a safe gym, some patrons don’t even feel the need to use a lock on their lockers. Those patrons are more likely to keep using your gym. They know they’re not at risk of having their things stolen.

Without that security, they may switch to a different fitness center.

While it’s unethical to put cameras in the locker rooms themselves (after all, your patrons and clients deserve privacy), you can place them outside the rooms to identify suspicious characters.

2. Your Gym Equipment Is Secure

Gym equipment is expensive. Most of it is hard to remove without being noticed, but some things, like kettlebells, dumbbells, and fitness bands, are easy to slip into a gym bag or otherwise remove from the premises after hours.

While small, these things are expensive. Installing security cameras helps you identify anyone who’s taking things from your gym.

3. Deter Sexual Harassment

It’s well-known that sexual harassment is a problem in fitness centers. While you may have rules about good behavior on the gym floor, it doesn’t stop many people from acting out and making other patrons uncomfortable.

An uncomfortable gym-goer isn’t going to visit your gym as often, and they may stop going entirely.

Letting your patrons know that there are cameras and that these cameras will be used to point out and remove people who are harassing other patrons can help deter (if not remove) the problem.

4. Protect Employees

Your customers aren’t the only people who need to be kept safe at the gym. Employees are at risk, too, even if there isn’t a lot of cash in the register.

Harassment in the workplace isn’t uncommon, and you may be held accountable if an employee faces harassment from another employee or from an enraged customer. There are more reports every day of employees suffering from customer harassment.

Protect them and yourself with security cameras so you can remove the problem.

You Need Security Camera Installation for Gyms

Your gym isn’t as safe as you think it is. Between harassment, the potential for theft, and the overall comfort of patrons, security camera installation for gyms is in your best interest. What’s stopping you?

If you’re in need of a great security camera setup in San Antonio, we’re here to help. Contact us for a free quote so you can improve your gym’s safety today.

When Should You Upgrade Your Security Cameras?

When Should You Upgrade Your Security Cameras?

Video surveillance has been around since the 1940s and has helped prevent and solve various crimes. It’s a must-have for every business, but as with all technology, they must be upgraded over time.

Investing in a new security camera helps keep your establishment safe and gives you peace of mind. It can be hard to tell when a security camera upgrade is needed but there are a few things that you should look out for to know when it’s time.

Keep reading to find out when to know to invest in a new security camera system.



Security cameras have a high life expectancy and last for ten to fifteen years on average. While that’s a long time, several new innovations can be made during that timeframe.

Your camera may be working just fine, but that doesn’t mean that you should hang on to it. Your old camera could do the bare minimum, but you want to have the best equipment in place for your business and that requires upgrading periodically.


Decrease in Image Quality

The whole purpose of a security camera is to survey the premises to ensure that the business runs safely. If your camera is showing grainy images, then it isn’t helping you properly secure the grounds.

One reason for low-quality images to occur is because of limited camera storage. If you are noticing your images are becoming harder to make out, then it’s time to replace it with a new one.


Limited Features

Many of the older camera models don’t come equipped with a lot of functions. New security camera systems, however, come with updated remote capabilities which makes for better surveillance of the property.

They also come with increased storage so that you can keep footage for a longer period of time instead of deleting after the standard limit. Cameras with more features are going to allow you to capture your premises from different angles and create a better environment.


Company Growth

Seeing your company grow is a great thing. It shows that your efforts are working and that the public is resonating with your brand. It’s the goal for every company, but with this increase comes a greater need for security.

This growth causes for new and more security cameras to be put in place in order to keep up with the expansion. You’re going to want to cover more space and get the clearest picture as possible to ensure everyone’s safety with the newfound popularity.


A New Security Camera Means an Increase in Peace

Running a business requires a lot of attention to detail and investment. Security should not be neglected and is in fact a vital part of every company.

It’s important to stay on top of your equipment and pay attention to the signs of your current system. Don’t hold out on upgrading to a new security camera simply because your current one is still working. You should be mindful of the industry and stay up to date with the technology.

Investing in a quality security camera system not only adds to your company’s success, but it gives you peace of mind in the long run.

Are you ready to upgrade your security cameras? Contact us for a free quote today so we can help you stay in control of your business!

3 Reassuring Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Dental Office

3 Reassuring Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Dental Office

Each year, dentists across the country consult with millions of patients. The CDC estimates that nearly 85% of children and 64% of adults visit a dental office annually.

As a dentist, your business is important for your patients and your community. Yet, it’s also important to you. Your dental business is your livelihood, and you’ve invested thousands of dollars in getting it off the ground.

You can’t afford to lose all your investments in a single night. That’s why you need a security camera system and professional installation services to keep your practice safe.

Don’t think security cameras are right for your dental practice office? Then you’ve got to keep reading because we’re telling you three reasons why you’re wrong. Plus, stick around to find out where to get security camera installation services in San Antonio.

1. Safeguard Your Patients’ Health Information

The most important thing any healthcare provider needs to protect is their patient records. But securing records isn’t just vital for keeping your patients safe and happy; HIPAA guidelines also require you to keep patient files safe.

Failing to safeguard patient health information (PHI) can incur dental offices like yours up to a $1.5 million fine. This fine even applies to digital PHI you lose after a burglar steals your computers.

Avoid these hefty fines with security cameras that will keep your practice safe when you aren’t there to do it yourself.

2. Secure Your Medication Supply

Dentists use powerful medications to sedate people during procedures. Dental clinics often store these drugs on-premise. Plus, dental narcotics are unique: they aren’t available for general purpose or prescription.

These factors add up to mean that your medication supply is highly attractive to burglars or addicts. That’s why you’ve got to ensure your drugs and your practice remain secure from break-ins.

Get high-quality security cameras and professional installation, so you and your employees always feel safe from whatever life throws your way.

3. Protect Your Dental Office Equipment

The American Dental Association estimates that a start-up dental practice pays up to $200,000 for its initial equipment. Yet, that doesn’t even account for re-investments made in new equipment over the years.

You don’t want to shell out for brand new equipment after a break-in. That’s why you should install security cameras around your practice. These cameras will pick up any suspicious behavior.

Plus, depending on your vendor, your camera system can even alert authorities if something goes wrong.

Security Camera Installation to Defend Your Dental Practice Office

A security camera system is crucial for your dental office. These cameras will safeguard sensitive patient health records, dental medications, and office equipment. Best of all, security cameras will give you and your employees peace of mind.

Looking for a security camera system and a professional to install it? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us at San Antonio Camera Installation to receive a free quote for your installation job!

Smile! You’re on Camera: 3 Ways Cameras Enhance Neighborhood Safety For Your HOA

Smile! You’re on Camera: 3 Ways Cameras Enhance Neighborhood Safety For Your HOA

Crimes are solved all the time thanks to the help of security footage.

One of the top concerns homeowners have about their neighborhood is just how protected that neighborhood really is. How can you make your neighborhood safer and more reliable?

If you’re concerned about neighborhood safety and want to get some tips on how you can increase the security near you, keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons you need security cameras.

1. Crime Deterrent

Criminals are not interested in the possibility of being recorded doing a crime. If someone seems a camera, they are less likely to want to commit a crime in that area.

surveillance camera is a good way to show criminals that crime is not welcome in your part of town.

Be sure to place the cameras in locations that have good lighting from streets or buildings, however, because experienced criminals know how to spot a camera that is fake or won’t be able to see them clearly.

A criminal may choose not to commit a crime when they get there after seeing the cameraor even abort their plan once they get there after noticing a camera. Proactively deterring crime in the first place is a great way to reduce neighborhood crime.

2. Secure Reputation

If your neighborhood or home owners association is known as being a safe neighborhood, criminals will wonder why. After finding it is the result of security cameras, it will even further deter crime.

Neighborhoods that are deemed “safe” by the public can sometimes be a target for criminals because it may translate into the neighborhood being more affluent.

However, with camera installation around your area, criminals will learn that this is the real reason your neighborhood is safe, and therefore, they won’t want to target you.

3. Find Criminals

One of the great things about security cameras is that they are able to record footage. If you plan to include them around your neighborhood, you will rest assured that if a crime does still occur, you can find the criminal that did it.

The ability to be able to protect your neighborhood even after the fact means that you are safer because that criminal will know he or she made a mistake by targeting your neighborhood.

You’ll also find that other criminals may realize that your neighborhood is not going to be the new place to start committing crimes, especially if they hear that the criminal received a punishment.

Cameras Can Increase Neighborhood Safety

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about how neighborhood safety can be increased with the use of surveillance cameras, you are probably interested in getting some through your HOA.

If so, you’re in luck because we have some of the best camera options in the San Antonio area! Our selections range from home installation, commercial installation, or structured cabling options for security purposes.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote and learn more about the services we are able to offer.