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One Stop For Security Camera Installation

San Antonio Camera Installation is your one stop for security camera installation for your business and home. We work with small to mid-size companies all around the San Antonio area to make sure you have enough cameras in the right locations to protect your business or home from theft or crime.

Security Camera Installation for San Antonio Businesses

Most companies wait until a crime occurs before they decide to take precautionary measures for future crime. We encourage companies not to wait. It is worth the investment to be aware of any suspicious activity from employees, visitors, or strangers. We can visit your business during the build-out or move-in stage to make sure your cameras are ready to use upon opening.

We can set up cameras both inside and outside of your property, in compliance with privacy laws, but offering you or the manager the most visibility. We will mount and cable your cameras to a network that is discreet and functional for the long haul. You will be able to view your footage in real time and remotely, and also be able to review past footage that has been recorded. The high quality cameras have fantastic reception, so when you replay, you are able to zoom in with great fidelity.

Structured Cabling and Network Equipment Installation

While most people assume that everything is wireless these days, you still need to set up the physical network and cables that allow all of your devices to run wirelessly.

We cable your office or home with Cat 5e/6/6a shielded & unshielded cables for phone, video & data as well as coaxial cable for TV, analog systems and Wilson Pro cell phone boosters.

We install the wireless access points (WAP), routers, and switches you need for your security camera or audio/visual needs.


If you own a large property, it can offer great peace of mind to have security cameras installed around your home and yard.

We also have expertise in wiring a home for any audio/visual or smart home needs. We essentially become the IT installers for most hardware technology needs for many of our long-term clients.

Certified and Professional - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been installing security cameras and network equipment and helping business owners with their IT needs all over Texas since 2003. We are professionally certified and accredited with Cisco, Wilson Pro, Crestron, etc. and are customer-driven, seeking quality and excellence in all of our installations.

Call us today at 210-201-2754  to find out how we can help you protect your business and gain peace of mind.

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