Self-Storage Facilities are upgrading their security camera systems during this global pandemic of COVID-19. We recently installed security cameras at 5 different locations for a security self-storage business in the Austin and San Antonio areas. They had many cameras that needed updating from the 1990s and early 2000s. Technology has advanced greatly since then.

security cameras for storage facilities

This is an excellent time to ensure that your cameras are working effectively. We are able to trouble shoot to find out which technology should be updated, and make any recommendations for upgrading systems. Contact us today for a free quote.


Trouble Shooting Old Technology for Security Camera Systems

It took quite a bit of trouble-shooting to determine exactly where the root cause of some of their complications. There were a couple other companies who had opted out of the job because they had preferred a simple installation. We do not mind spending time to understand and remedy a complex problem.

We replaced old cameras with IP based systems, ran new cables, changed the conduits, and changed the recorder in order to get better resolution from their screens. Each property had different issues, and we were able to resolve each one. We also installed new Uniview cameras where needed.


Contact Us for a Free Quote for Your Self-Storage Facility or Business

We install security cameras for commercial businesses all around San Antonio and Austin, Texas areas. Businesses with multiple locations especially appreciate that they have just one login to see all of their cameras on different properties.

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