Cables are not all created equally. As your business grows, it is important that your technology supports it. You will want to ensure that your cables are set up for speed, easy organization, and effectiveness.

This article and chart explains more of the technical differences between Cat-5 and Cat-6 cables.

spec-chart cat 5e cat6a cables

Qualities of Cat6 Cables

There are basically 4 things that are differentiators for our preference in cables:

  • Gauge
  • Megahertz
  • Shielded vs Unshielded (shielding can be wrapped around either all 4 pairs or around inner pairs, individually shielded to prevent cross-talk.)
  • With spline vs without spline (splines allow cables to run at higher speeds over longer distances)

In a perfect world, we would prefer:

  • shielded
  • with spline
  • with thicker gauge
  • color coded

The cables we choose are Cat6e, 550 Mhz, and each pair is twisted individually to prevent cross-talk and maintain speed of network. We also are careful to color-code our cables so we can work fast, make upgrades easily, and keep things organized in the cable room. It makes it much easier and to plug into switches and network when each color cable matches a particular function.

Cat-6 Variations

Within the last several years, some installers have been choosing a newer cable that is really more like an “older” cable. It is confusing because it is a Cat6 cable, but it’s quality is actually not the same. Installers sometimes like it better because it is seemingly easier to work with. It is thinner, so you can fit more cables within a certain area, and it bends easier which can make installation a bit faster. But this is not better for customer, the business owner. It is a thinner gauge, and so you will be regulated to one gigabit for the life of the cable, not allowing for the most speed. The cables are not usually shielded, and so the cross-talk also causes interference and can limit speed of technology.

Networks Installation and Structured Cabling For Business Owners in Texas

Business owners just want their technology to function smoothly so that they can get work done and give their customers a great experience with products or services. San Antonio Camera Installation is hired by businesses around Texas for all of a company’s IT needs. We offer network installation and structured cabling, in addition to security camera installation.

Because we work across an entire IT network, from hardware to software, we are able to see things systemically. It’s important to us to keep the end in mind so that technology can grow with a business when new needs arise.