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According to a study by McClatchy DC Bureau, there are about 30 million security cameras in the US alone. Surveillance over your business should be a priority to every wise business owner. The best way to ensure and maintain control in your business is through San Antonio Camera Installation. CCTV cameras help business owners in monitoring the workspace, employees, customers, suppliers, cleaners, etc.

Security camera installation is more than drilling holes and hanging cameras on the wall. It is an art that requires high levels of professionalism and technicality from experts. There are plenty of options in the market that you can choose. With San Antonio Camera Installation, you should be able to choose from a range of desirable surveillance features for your business.

Choosing the Best San Antonio Camera Installation Service for Your Business

We have worked with a variety of companies in security camera installation, and we know what to recommend for all types of businesses and properties.

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Here is a guide to selecting the best security camera installation services:

1. Expertise Level

Whoever you hire to install security cameras for you should have proven expertise. Check the portfolio, authentic reviews, client feedback, etc. This is to ensure that you don’t hire unqualified personnel.

You need someone who understands the best security procedures for businesses. The installer should be able to offer professional services and options. You can inquire about some previous tasks or even contact former clients.

2. Certification

Check any certifications before hiring a person or company to undertake the installation work. Certifications can be a guarantee of quality work. The certification enables you to know the types of services they offer.

3. Licensing

The company or persons you are hiring must have operation license according to the state law requirements. Always check the bonds, insurance, and licenses before hiring. San Antonio Camera Installation Service through 956TecSolutions maintains current licensing and certification in order to meet the most up-to-date technology requirements.

4. Pricing

We recommend seeking a standard pricing agreement before installation.  Different companies charge different prices based on product and labor. You should choose the most reasonable service that will ensure a quality installation for the long-haul.

With San Antonio Camera Installation, we offer an estimate based on number of cameras needed and installation hours per camera. Our clients have found it to be a very reasonable cost for the level of excellence and professionalism we deliver.

5. Equipment

A competent professional should know the best gear to use. Without an expert, you might end up choosing subpar equipment.

Consult San Antonio Camera Installation for best preferences for your businesses. We offer different packages depending on the size of your business and the types of camera you want. We recommend the UniFi Cameras from Ubiquiti Network. These cameras can cover the whole business premises efficiently.

Why Security Cameras Are a Good Thing for Your Business

Security Cameras are vital in many ways. They help the business owner track the businesses environment operations. Below are some of the functions of business security surveillance systems:

1. Providing General Security and Safety

The security cameras cover the whole business premises. It is more difficult for anyone to break in or do malicious activities with the presence of security cameras. In case of fire, burglary or suspicious activities, the management can act accordingly.

You can survey over the outside area, parking lot, stores, shopping all, etc. The quality of visibility allows you to see license plate numbers, and detect when items “go missing.” Surveillance is vital in every department of the business because it gives the owner security assurances.

Security cameras maintain order and discourage inappropriate behavior in the business. Security surveillance prevents acts of vandalism and violence in the business.

2. Improving Work Productivity

Installing CCTV cameras can help motivate employees to work even harder. Surveilling over workers ensures minimum laxity in the workspace. This helps heighten productivity and business growth.

You can also monitor the behavior of customers. For example, if you own a shop, you can observe what the customers prefer and what they don’t. This can offer insights into how to change the layout of the store to highlight the more popular items or open up more space in crowded spots.

3. Curbing Dishonesty in the Workspace

The security cameras can act as the last resort when solving dishonesty claims. Visual evidence can offer validation where there is suspicion in underhanded activities in the business. In instances where customers provide misleading claims, visual evidence can work impeccably.

You can retrieve video evidence in case of employee disputes. Visual evidence sheds light into questionable instances. In the case of criminal activity, you can retrieve video footage and photos as proof of evidence.

4. Digital Storage of Information

Some security cameras come with digital storage options. The business owner can store the recorded footage on network servers, NVRs, and hard drives. Authorized users can access this information for scrutiny.

Security Camera Installation Process

Installing security cameras should be done most appropriately. You should optimize camera placement to provide the intended coverage. Below are the guidelines for business security camera installation. We walk each of our customers through this process when hired.

1. Plan Ahead

The process of installing security cameras starts with effective planning. Gather requirements to execute the security camera installation process most conveniently. We welcome questions from prospects. Be sure you have a clear roadmap on how you want the cameras installed. We will help with that.

Draw a work plan schedule, budget on equipment, and labor. Planning sets the right platform for operation.

2. Get the Right Equipment

To have the correct installation, you have to get the best equipment. The cameras, wires, and server should be functional and of the right quality. Purchase quality approved quality products that will offer exceptional service.

Consider high camera resolution, sensitivity, and video compression options. If you operate remotely, you can install consider IP cameras with Wi-Fi options. You access the business premises remotely because the cameras upload the footage to the cloud.

Some advances cameras can work at night, record audio, and incorporate wide-angle lenses.

3. Choose the Best Spot for Installing the Cameras

Choose the most favorable position for installing security cameras. You should mount the cameras on higher ground where no one can reach them. Also, it’s advisable to keep the cameras hidden if you need to surveil secretly.

San Antonio Camera Installation service can advise with identifying the best setup spots for the cameras.

4. Inspect the Wall Before Drilling Holes

Since you have to drill holes for mounting the camera stands, inspect the wall. This is to ensure that you don’t temper with other installations such as Wi-Fi, Power, or Water. The house construction plan or blueprint can assist you in determining the correct spots. We do an overall surveillance check before beginning installation.

Mount the camera stands and the cabling without tempering with other installations. The camera stands should be strong enough to withstand interference.

5. Plugging the Cameras

After mounting the cameras, setting up the cameras should be easy. Plug in the cameras to the power output. The power outlet should purposely serve the camera and the server without interference. Adjust the cameras to point the area of interest.

The camera should be sturdy without shaking or movement. Even the slightest movement can affect your view. Also, ensure that nothing blocks the view of your camera.

6. Setting up the System

After positioning your cameras, set the recording devices to work and program it to suit your needs. Crosscheck if the installations are perfect and that everything is working. If the system is programmable, you can customize it in a manner that suits your purposes.

We set up IP based cameras with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) in order to offer the most flexibility and growth for business owners. Network-based IP cameras can span across multiple corporate networks to be accessed by management in a centralized location. This is advantageous if you have many retail locations and maintain a private network between them through a VPN or other means.

7. Testing the System

After the installation processes, the cameras should be working according to plan. Check the resolution and footage quality.

Check if the cameras are pointing to the right direction and if every part of the business premises is covered. You can record for a few minutes and evaluate the systems.

If unsatisfied, you can make some amendments. Testing the systems gives you the ability to optimize the cameras. However, without the right know-how, it might be problematic and troublesome. After completing the process of adjusting the cameras, you will realize how simple it is.

Tips for Installing Security Cameras

Business security cameras should be installed in such a way to provide the proper coverage. Below are some tips to help you install the cameras correctly:

  • Point the cameras away from light
  • Keep the cameras under shelter
  • Keep the cameras obstruction-free
  • Keep the camera cables concealed
  • Place the cameras high enough secure from vandalism

The way you install security cameras will determine their performance. That’s why your San Antonio Camera Installation team with 956TecSolutions will be with you through every step.

Trends in Security Camera Installation

There are newer and more advanced techniques when it comes to security cameras. If you are doing CCTV installation, you should consider the following trends below;

1. Video Analytics

New IP cameras have additional features such as video analytics that analog cameras don’t have. Video analytics involves automatic footage recording in case of movement after business closure.

2. Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

NVRs edge out digital video recorders since they are compatible with modern cameras. They also offer high-quality video recording.

3. IP Cameras

IP cameras are highly efficient and precise. They offer more extensive coverage compared to their analog counterparts. Also, complete IP systems tend to be less expensive and easier to install.

Why Should You Hire an Installer Like San Antonio Camera Installation?


Installing a security surveillance system should be done by qualified professionals. Whoever is undertaking the job must have the expertise you can trust. Even after the installation of the systems, the installer should offer support services.

At San Antonio Camera Installation, we offer professional security camera installation to all business owners. We provide a variety of services to guarantee maximum security for our clients. Since 2003, we have helped clients all over Texas with all their security camera installations and IT needs.

If you’d like increased security for your offices or business property, contact us for customized plans and offers. Our team is always available for questions, system maintenance or new installs.

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