Pool Hall or Billiard Room Camera Installation


Livestream Your Next Pool Tournament to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch


Why settle for using your mobile phone to livestream your pool tournament? Instead, make it a better experience for friends and fans to watch on social media, cheer you on, and even send you money for viewing!

Whether you own a Pool Hall or have a fun Billiard Room in your home, you will never regret setting up cameras around the room to record and broadcast your pool tournaments. With our simple setup, you can have high quality footage to promote your skills or your business.


Quality Video Footage for Broadcasting Pool Tournaments

Billiard Halls

During this time of social distancing, pool is a great way to stay connected. A pool stick is naturally around 6 feet apart! Your hall can still host tournaments with pros or amateurs and broadcast them on them with livestreaming options on the internet.

Pros travel through pool halls all the time. What if you could offer them a quality set up with cameras, software,and equipment needed to stream and record an amazing experience for viewers? Pros shouldn’t settle for just using their phones.

These cameras can double as security cameras for your business during off-tournament times.

Easy Setup

After our initial consultation, we will make recommenations for the number of cameras needed and equipment options for your hall and send you an invoice. Then, we will:

  1. Schedule an installation
  2. Setup cameras and software
  3. Train you how to livestream events


Home Billiard Room

Would you like to livestream your pool tournaments with friends? You can have viewers join in to watch from all over the country or world. You can even setup your CashApp or Paypal profile so people can send in contributions as a thank you for viewing.


What You Need

There are a few important tools needed to make this happen:

  1. Quality Cameras setup in the right locations
  2. Headsets or Microphones for commentating
  3. Livestream Software
  4. Social Media Accounts like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch to Livestream
  5. Bonus: CashApp or Paypal account to share for donations

Livestreaming software and setup

We recommend using a special app for Livestreaming called Open Broadcaster Software. We would help you set up your account and the app on your main devices and train you on setup, streaming, and saving.


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