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Do you know if your security cameras are even recording?

We have been called in several times after companies have experienced a crime because they realized that their cameras were not even recording.

Businesses like pharmacies and day-care centers benefit greatly by having security cameras installed, but sometimes do not take the extra step to confirm that their cameras are set-up correctly and actually recording.

There are so many variables to ensure that the cameras are able to actually capture footage adequately.

Remote access, the network IP address and port forwarding need to be set up properly or sometimes just need to be updated. Sometimes the security cameras are not mounted securely, and so over time, the camera position moves and is not even pointing in the right direction.

Other times, the lenses are dirty, and so this clouds the view because a hazy film disperses the clarity of the picture quality. All they see is dirt, especially at night with the IR (infared) cameras, and this is when the likelihood of crimes increase.

Many business owners do not know how to download footage onto a thumbnail drive or to their computer, and so even if their cameras were recording, they may not know how to utilize the footage adequately.

 Security Camera Check-Up

We offer an efficient $99 Check-Up and Training to make sure all of these variables are accounted for. We come by your business and do an audit of all your installed security cameras and the recording system. We will check on:

  1. Remote Access/IP Address – Is it configured correctly?
  2. Storage – Are cameras recording? Is HD quality still good?
  3. Are you lenses clean? Need adjusting to see what is most important?
  4. Do you know how to use? Download footage? Use thumb drive?

Business owners have found this check-up to be simple and effective. This gives them the peace of mind knowing that the investment they made to install the security cameras was not a waste of time or money.

Call us today at 210-201-2754 to come by for a quick visit for a check-up and training for your security cameras systems.

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